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 [Guide] How To Macke Combo !

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PostSubject: [Guide] How To Macke Combo !   Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:21 am

Lots of people are doing Combos but some of the begineers don't know how to perform it... So, here is a helpful guide to do it... Hope it helps

Combo is a unique skill of Blade Knights can perform.
It amplifies your damage depending on your str agi and ene for the skill damage!

But before you can do combo, you must do Marlon's Ring of Honor and Dark Stone quest.

There are many types of combinations for the combo. But first I'm going to make shortcuts of the skills for you to follow easier!

WS - Weapon Skill
TS - Twisting Slash
DS - Death Stab
RB - Rageful Blow

1. WS - TS - DS

2. WS - TS - RB

3. WS - RB - TS

4. WS - RB - DS

5. WS - DS - TS

6. WS - DS - RB

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[Guide] How To Macke Combo !
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